i really hate to be writing this message to you all. however, two thirds of our admin team have had some real life complications come up at a rather unfortunate time for the site. one has had to take up a third job and the other is moving across the country. so until things die down and we can all come together again as a staff team, this site will be put on hold. we encourage you all to keep following the tumblr because this will one day happen, it just won’t be any time soon. i don’t want to keep everyone hanging anymore especially if you were putting off other rp sites that you would like to join. thank you to our followers for wanting to join the site. it meant a lot of us.

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just wondering how well the site is going so far. how much do you guys have left to finish before the site opens up?

we have the skin done, all the boards made, a general template for rules and such done, and two canon families completed. the majority of the work comes from the writing of the canons. there’s just quite a few of them. once we get all of them doe we’ll be able to tell everyone when we’re opening. 

I'm really excited for this site and all of the canons you guys have posted! Is there an estimated opening date for the site? Also, do you plan on allow face reservations before the site opens or will it simply be first come first serve when the site officially opens? Can't wait!

we don’t know about face reservations and as far as an opening date, not this weekend, but we’re hoping for the next weekend (because two of the admins unfortunately got stuck working this upcoming weekend. we may allow canon reserves and then face reserves. though to avoid a face you want to use on the canon list, all you have to do is make a character blurb and tag it with tab rp and we’ll see it and know not to put it on the canon list. if you want to see if a particular face is already a canon just type this url and adjust with the proper information: biteofmyheart-rp.tumblr.com/tagged/celebfirst-celeblast

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the leferves: there is no family older than the leferve’s. they are the oldest fae family known. they have watched the other world evolve and have used their influence to shape the world to how they want it to be. then the council came to be and it was a little bit harder for them to do so. but when you’ll easily outlive nearly everyone on that council, you learn patience to try and put through the legislation that you want in order to make things more to your favor.

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the next family of canons is coming out later today!

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: MADELYN - 30 - HUMAN - SIENNA MILLERmaddie is a raging ball of...



  • maddie is a raging ball of emotions and lacks the capacity to control it.
  • she’s lived in london all her life but moved around a lot when she left home at eighteen.
  • she’s a human though hardly mundane, she’s gone through some serious shit but survived…
This idea is amazing! I definitely want to join and I want to make a few different characters, but I think my first one will be a magic user. I'm so excited about this and can't wait to see more of the canons!

make all the races! we’re so happy that you’re excited for the site. these little messages really help us to keep going.

gah! i'm in love with the olivia wilde canon! it should be interesting to see how she develops and if she's ever reunited with her family.

thanks so much! we’re hoping that the canons will sound interesting to most people and aren’t run of the mill or things that you see everywhere. we’re also trying to have a wide variety of faces. maybe depending on how quickly we get done, we can have some canon reserves.

the banes and the delaneys: the banes are an old werewolf family from blackwell. they were the founders of the moon river pack hundreds of years ago. they’ve also been the representatives on the council since its inception. twenty-five years ago the banes joined in an alliance with a werewolf pack in ireland headed by the delaneys when children from both packs married.

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just a quick little update that the first group of family canons have been finished. the family is the bane/delaney family and are predominantly a family of werewolves. we’ll be releasing more info about the family later today.

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